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TMT Bars - Overview

TMT are basically a thermo mechanically treated steel bars which are produced by controlled quenching & self tempering process. Electrosteel TMT bars are produced in Fe500, Fe500D & Fe500D CRS variety as per IS 1786/2008 grade. Carbon & Carbon Equivalent levels are kept to a lower level than as specified in the standards to attain better properties. Steel Billets produced at ESL BOF contains much lower levels of  Sulphur & Phosphorus which are basically impurities to steel.

TS/YS ratio & elongation at maximum force of ESL produced TMT bars are much higher compare to our IS Standard, These two properties are essential for any earthquake variety of TMT bar (Fe500D).  ESL Fe500D is ideal for dam, bridges & any other critical concrete structure where higher strength is required.

ESL TMT bars are comprises of tempered martensite at the periphery and a fine grain ferrite pearlite structure in core which is ductile.